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Ghana Plans To Use Electric Vehicles For Public Transport

Government in Ghana is working on a policy framework to move public transportation from a dependence on petroleum fuels to electric vehicles, Vice President Bawumia has disclosed.

“Where I want to see us go in the next few years is to move public transport completely from a dependence on petrol and diesel to fully electric vehicles. That is really where Ghana ought to go. And it is doable. We ought to move away from petrol and diesel to electric vehicles as a matter of policy,” Dr Bawumia stated on Wednesday September 27, 2023, when he visited the offices and assembly plant of Solar Taxi, a wholly Ghanaian start up engaged in the assembly and manufacture of electric cars, motorcycles, buses and battery packs for electric cars.

Among the top 3 Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturing companies in Africa, Solar Taxi, founded in 2019, with a staff strength of 113 (90% of whom are women) and an average age of 26, can also convert petrol- or diesel-powered vehicles into electricity powered ones, with the technology to convert cars and buses also available, according to Jorge Appiah, CEO and Co-Founder. Solar taxi has assembled over 460 vehicles and sold over 500 vehicles, with orders for vehicles, battery packs and training in the maintenance of EVs coming from all over the continent.

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