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Short Women Have Anger Issues The Most – Omashola


Big Brother Naija All-Stars houseguest, Omashola, aka Sholzy, has convinced himself that petite ladies have the most issue with anger.

He made the assertion while conversing with CeeC, Whitemoney and Mercy Eke on Monday.

CeeC had claimed that she never wanted to be tall, stressing that men prefer petite women, but Omashola and Whitemoney disagreed with her.

She said while growing up, her mum said she was going to be the tallest among her siblings, but it turned out to be the opposite.

CeeC said: “When I was small, my mom used to say I would be the tallest among my siblings. But look at me now. I don’t like being tall though. I’ve never wanted to be tall. Majority of guys like petite girls.”

Mercy concorded: “Me too. I like being petite. I’m the shortest in my family.”

Sholzy inferred: “Na lie. Short women get anger problem. My woman is tall.”

Whitemoney cut in: “I prefer tall women; she go come get shape.”

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