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Burna Boy Says He Hates People on Twitter

The Grammy winner said he doesn’t like users of the microblogging platform, X, formerly known as Twitter, because they are “mad.”

He said he used to think it was just Nigerians on X who are actually ‘mad’, but later realized it was a global thing.

The self-acclaimed ‘African Giant’ stated this in a recent interview with Kiss FM, London, United Kingdom.

He said, “I don’t like people on Twitter. I used to think it was just Nigerians on Twitter that were just mad. Then, I now went to Kenya, I saw that it’s the same thing. I went to South Africa; I saw it was the same thing.

“I went to America. America, they have their own group. If you go, you’d see all of them tagged. You know how Lil Durk has his OTF? Twitter mad people for America, they’ve their own.”

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