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Coleen Rooney Reveals Why She Didn’t Leave Husband Wayne After He Cheated on Her


Coleen Rooney has revealed why she didn’t leave her husband Wayne after he cheated on her and insists her marriage is nobody’s business but her own.

WAG Coleen, 37, married former footballer Wayne, also 37, in 2008 and their union has been at the centre of many scandals since, including Wayne being involved with other women.

However, Coleen – who is set to appear in Disney+ documentary Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Story later this month – insists the public may not know the full story despite people’s assumptions.

Wayne and Coleen’s 20-year relationship has been marred with various cheating scandals – with the footballer making national headlines when he was found to have visited three prostitutes as a teenager.

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