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UNICAL Student BEGINS 188-Hour Write-A-Thon


A University of Calabar undergraduate, Daniel Aiguokhian, has begun his Guinness World Record (GWR) attempt for marathon fiction and nonfiction writing.

The record has never been set nor is it currently held by anyone.

Mr Aiguokhian started his seven-day write-a-thon challenge on the 1st of October and is expected to end on the 8th of October.

This attempt would see him write for seven days and 20 hours, with only seven hours of rest time and 10 minutes for himself each day.

During the marathon writing session, Aiguokhian will write and produce two books each day, one on fiction and the other on non-fiction.

So far, he has written six books already with different book titles and a minimum of 30 pages for each.

He is currently on his seventh book; he has been writing for the past 38 hours as of press time.

The 300-level philosophy undergraduate is not using his voice to write, only his hands and paper. His phone is kept far away from him, with a team of people handling all his social media accounts.

The event is being live streamed on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

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